Haizea Wind inaugurates at the Port of Bilbao one of the largest wind tower and offshore foundation manufacturing plant in Europe

• Plant construction and specialized machinery installation has required an investment of 60 million euros.

• It will have a manufacturing capacity of approximately 300 sections of offshore towers per year of 50 m long and up to 8.6 m in diameter, and 100,000 tons of offshore foundations up to 10.5 m in diameter, which due to their dimensions require the factory to be located in port.

• Its activity will generate between 250 and 300 new direct jobs.

• The company was created with the aim of becoming the next global supplier to the wind energy sector, allowing progress to be made in the creation of a thriving Basque wind energy industry, and in parallel, the Port of Bilbao consolidates its position as a port specialized in heavy load projects.

Port of Bilbao, 23 May 2018. Haizea Wind has inaugurated at the Port of Bilbao one of the largest wind towers and offshore foundations manufacturing plants in Europe.

The total investment made between the construction of the building, its equipment and commissioning has exceeded 60 million euros.

This unique, state-of-the-art plant, has on the one hand, around 77,000 m2 on the AZ-2 quay of the Extension of the port, specifically in the Zierbena area, with direct access to the berthing line, which has a depth of 21 metres. These wide draughts and the proximity to the berthing line will allow to guarantee the most competitive entry and exit logistics without dimensional restrictions.

On the other hand, the facility itself is 500 metres long and is made of three bays, each 35 metres wide. It is also equipped with state-of-the-art machinery, which allows it to produce large, high quality pieces with the shortest lead times. The factory’s capabilities have been developed to cover the current and future dimensions of offshore towers and foundations.

In full production capacity, Haizea Wind can manufacture 300 sections of offshore towers per year of 50 meters long and up to 8.6 meters diameter and a plate thickness of 130 mm. These wind towers constitute one of the main elements of a wind power generator.

In addition, the plant will also manufacture other large parts used in offshore wind farms such as monopiles and transition pieces (TPs). It will produce 100 monopiles per year of 100 metres long and up to 10.5 metres of diameter.

The raw material used is carbon steel sheets, most of which is delivered from nearby steel mills; flanges, also made of steel, and internal electrical and mechanical components. Specifically, the plant is expected to use, among other raw materials, around 142,500 tons of thick steel sheets and 7,500 tons of flanges. In total, it will provide the port a traffic of nearly 150,000 tonnes/year when it is at full production capacity. In addition, beside contributing to tonnage handling, this project will provide added value due to its strategic quality both for the port and for the Basque Country.

Production has commenced with 86 employees, but it will have between 250 and 300 when it operates at full capacity.

The Port of Bilbao at the service of a booming Basque wind energy industry

This strategic project is the result of public-private collaboration. The construction was carried out by the joint venture formed by the companies Construcciones Intxausti, Byco (Inbisa Construcción) and Gaimaz Infraestructuras y Servicios. Its construction and use are part of the Port Authority’s investment plan to activate the implementation of logistic-industrial projects, such as wind power, which provide traffic and generate jobs, resources and wealth for the territory, since – besides the jobs created directly by the company- due to the type and size of the pieces, will encourage an increase in lashing and stevedoring works.

About Haizea Wind Group

Haizea Wind Group (HWG) is an industrial group, based in Bilbao and with a wide experience in the manufacture of wind towers with a global and international outlook. Its goal is to become a global supplier to the wind energy sector.

The Port of Bilbao plant is the group’s second start-up in six months, the first being a wind tower factory in Argentina, which has been built under the umbrella of a joint venture with a local manufacturer. Under the name of Haizea-Sica, it has started to operate in the fourth quarter of 2017 and will reach a production of 350 sections per year.

The third step towards globalization is the signing of another joint venture in Saudi Arabia with the local company Al-Babtain, which will be entirely dedicated to the production of towers. The plant is located in King Abdullah Economic City (KAEC), on the west coast of the country, near the cities of Jeddah, Mecca and Medina. The plant will begin construction in the second half of 2018, so that the first sections can be produced and delivered to customers during the first half of 2019. The capacity of the plant will be 350 sections per year.

Haizea Wind Group follows the highest safety and prevention standards for its employees, being accredited with all the necessary certificates and requirements. It is also committed to complying with the highest ISO and DNM quality standards, related to the Onshore and Offshore markets, through an experienced team and with special emphasis on collaboration and transparency with our customers and suppliers.