Haizea Wind Group will build the monopiles of the first wind farm in the Mediterranean Sea

Renexia awards to Haizea Wind Group the construction of 10 monopiles of the wind farm located in the Port of Taranto (Italy)
• The monopiles present innovative features in the market by having incorporated in the system the transition piece that facilitates its

Bilbao,27th of march of 2019. Haizea Wind Group, an international provider of wind towers, offshore foundations and cast components worldwide, has signed a contract with the renewable energy company Renexia for the construction of monopiles in the offshore wind farm of the Port of Taranto – Plugia region, southeast of Italy -.
The project, led by the Italian company Renexia, involves the start-up of the firstoffshore wind farm in the Mediterranean Sea, as well as the creation of the first wind farm near the Port of Taranto. The plant, which will be fully operational in 2020, has a total capacity of 30 MW that will enable the production of 58,200 Wh.

HaizeaWind Group will build 10 units of monopiles for the Italian marine farm. These models present innovative features in the market as they have incorporated the transition piece into the system itself that facilitates its assembly.

The monopiles, which will be built at the Haizea Wind Group factory in the Port of Bilbao and will be delivered to Renexia in August 2019, have technical  pecifications up to 85 millimeters thick, a maximum of 400 tonnes of weight, 5 meters of diameter and a length of 55 meters.

This new contract constitutes a milestone for the company as it represents another step in the consolidation of its activity and presence in the wind sector. At the same time, it is a sample of the high technical and technological capabilities that the group has.