Get to know Haizea Wind Group

HWG, based in Bilbao, Spain, is an industrial group dedicated to the manufacturing of wind towers and offshore structures aiming to become the next global wind supplier.

Driven by a group of experienced professionals and following our customer’s needs, HWG is developing a global footprint through new facilities around the globe.

HWG has manufacturing presence in Spain and Argentina covering customer’s onshore and offshore needs. The next step towards globalisation is the opening of a green-field factory in Saudi Arabia along 2020.

In December 2018 HWG acquired Grupo WEC, a company  based in Guipuzcoa, specialized in the casting, machining and surface treatment of products for wind turbines. This allows the group to offer more comprehensive service to its clients.

Wind energy is a global resource that needs global solutions, a demand that Haizea Wind Group fully understands and responds to with its products. The company’s different business units – Wind Towers, Offshore Foundations – allow HWG to deliver turnkey solutions with added value for its customers.

Companies of the group

Grupo WECGrupoWec

HWG is an industrial group with a firm ethical commitment that is born and based on the profund respect for Human Rights, workers' labor rights, the protection of the Environment and fair operating practices.

Through the approval of our General Code of Ethics and Conduct, HWG implements an Ethical Commitment System based on a serious, professional and honest procedure, in accordance with the principles of good governance, good contractual faith and full respect for the law; as well as in accordance with moral ethics, understood as an individual and collective way of acting respectful of social norms.

The corporate ethical culture is a fundamental element within HWG's regulatory Compliance System, which is evidenced in the express commitment that this company has to demand respect for the Code from all subjects related to it.

Therefore, HWG's General Code of Ethics and Conduct includes the basic requirements that every supplier or third-party intermediary of HWG must comply with in their legal relationship with the group, as well as with respect to their stakeholders and the Environment.

Code of Ethics and Conduct PDF

About HWG’s Internal Operating Regulations:

To expand the information regarding HWG's Ethical Commitment, the company's Internal Operating Regulations are provided. It is another normative document that reflects the strong commitment this company has with good operation, honest professional practices, respect for the law and transparency.

In HWG’s Internal Operating Regulations is where the functioning and dynamics of the Compliance Committee are better detailed.

Internal operating regulations PDF

In the event of any doubt, HWG strongly recommends carrying out a communication through the Communication Channel enabled for this purpose.